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Feature Audit shows you which features your customers actually use.

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Hide/show features by selecting their color block in the legend on the right.

Understand Where Your Product Sticks and Where It Slips

Feature Audit plots your customers' activity on two axes, popularity (X) and frequency (Y). The features in the upper-right are killing it; the others may need some attention.

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Make More Informed Product Decisions

Increase Adoption

If you have a feature in the upper left (few users, all the time) you know it's useful to at least a segment of your customer base and you can design ways to get more people to use it.

Increase Frequency

Features in the bottom right (all users, little of the time) are useful, but not often. This may be fine if it's a seasonal feature, but as the product manager, if you know it's an essential part of the product, this tells you that you need to help your customers make use of this feature more often.

Or Rip It Out

There's always the option to call the feature a dud, kill it, and move on.

Simple Installation

Feature Audit is painless to install and easy to use. Just add a snippet to your application and start posting events. It couldn't be simpler.

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Your App, Your Data

We don't hold your data captive in case you ever decide to cancel your account. Every event you post to Feature Audit is available via a simple export.

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  • Events: 10000 per day
  • Features: Unlimited

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